encapuchados April 1, 2013
policearrestduringG20 March 1, 2013
reichstag-fire January 14, 2013
Members of the Mapuches Indians Movement ride their horses during the burial ceremony of Collio near Temuco city January 6, 2013

Sherlock Holmes

January 6, 2013



Guy Ritchie’s 2011 film, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, includes one of Hollywood’s favorite tropes, the deluded revolutionaries. In this case, anarchists carrying out bombings in 1890s Europe are a tool of the evil Professor Moriarty, bent on driving the major powers to a world war so that he could profit through his newly acquired armament industries. […]

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Genoa 2001

January 6, 2013


Carlo Giuliani, just before he was shot and killed by cops.

In July 2001, the 28th G8 summit took place in Genoa, Italy. 200,000 people protested, and the spectacle of the summit was disrupted by heavy rioting. Police militarized the city and attacked protesters indiscriminately, torturing many detainees. A Black Bloc of anarchists from across Europe damaged banks and corporate property, while many other protesters participated using […]

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The Battle in Seattle

January 3, 2013



This 2007 Stuart Townsend movie with Woodie Harrelson and Charlize Theron, portrays the anarchists as a fringe group in the 1999 Seattle WTO protests that stole the show. They also suggest the police infiltrated the Black Bloc to incite rioting and property damage. It’s no surprise that Hollywood wants to rewrite the story of a […]

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