Mexico City rioters are cops?

Posted on December 5, 2012


Offering no evidence other than that other “commentators” have made the accuasation, a US newspaper spreads the claim that rioters in Mexico City are police infiltrators. This accusation was originally made, also without evidence, by left-wing and NGO-paid activists who see the anarchists and the common people rioting in the streets as a pesky competitor who needs to be eliminated. On the one hand, they tell the media that the anarchists are cops, and on the other hand, they work with the cops to get those anarchists arrested. Is anyone really stupid enough to believe that the Mexican government (and the cops tend to favor the PRI) wants the inauguration of their new president to be marred by images of rioting and by attacks on the stores and property of their corporate backers? Don’t politicians want to prove to the wealthy that they can maintain stability?

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