Interior Minister Puig

Posted on January 3, 2013


The most infamous Catalan Interior Minister since the days of the fascist dictatorship in Spain, Puig’s first act in office was to get rid of the provision prohibiting police torture. Since then, he went on to brutally evict the massive encampment in Plaza Catalunya during the 15M movement (one of the direct precursors of the Occupy Movement in the US), subsequently blaming police violence on a minority of violent protesters, even though no one in the crowd began throwing things at cops until they had suffered through hours of beatings. Later, he introduced a new slate of laws punishing property destruction in protests with the same penalties as terrorism, illegalizing the wearing of masks, and increasing the penalties for all forms of resistance. He also set up a public snitching website and encouraged peaceful protesters to help police isolate and identify the violent ones and the masked ones. This was in response to the general strike of March 29, 2012, in which tens of thousands of people, young and old, combative and peaceful, worked together to shut down the city and attack the banks that are ruining everyone’s lives. This was clearly the situation that most frightened authorities, who immediately tried to divide the movement and get people to accept the division between “good protesters” and “bad protesters.”