Jean Quan

Posted on January 3, 2013


Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, who presided over the brutal eviction of Occupy Oakland, repeatedly used a strategy of dialogue and pacification to try to keep the movement from growing out of hand. She asked the encampment to appoint representatives and discuss ways to keep the movement peaceful, and even tried to call on the nationwide Occupy movement to rein in the Oakland encampment. This latter move was an attempt by the government to force the Occupy movement to recognize leaders, and an attempt to by politicians to tell the movement what it really wanted, and to divide it between the “good, law-abiding protesters” and a violent “splinter group”. This is the oldest trick in the book, and it is being played by politicians, cops, and pacifists. One thing these politicians don’t mention is that in the streets of Oakland, protesters supported one another, whether they favored more peaceful or combative tactics, that in some of the heaviest days of street fighting parents came out with children and they were supported and protected by the Black Bloc and the crowd in general, and that during the brutal police crackdown of October 25th, it was protesters in masks who rescued a man shot in the head by a tear gas canister.