Mayor Bloomberg

Posted on January 3, 2013


Michael Bloomberg: Billionaire, politician, New York City mayor, evictor of Occupy Wall Street, sexual harrasser, and promoter of pacifism. In 2004, he made the news for offering museum and hotel discounts and a slew of other bribes to protestors coming to oppose the Republican National Convention, on the condition that they identify themselves as peaceful protestors. Fortunately, not everyone took the bait, and some clashes and a huge bonfire disrupted the Republican spectacle, although the so-called violent protestors were easily isolated and beaten by police, thanks to how quickly the other protestors ran away. Bloomberg saw what the pacifists didn’t: that images of clashes and disturbances during the Convention would hurt the Republicans’ image, whereas news coverage of the city and police working hand in hand with peaceful protestors exercising their First Amendment rights would be a win for the Republicans.