The Stimulator

Posted on January 3, 2013


In another example of how little evidence conspiracy nuts need in order to make serious accusations, one blogger claimed that the Stimulator, a popular–and anonymous–anticapitalist TV show host who often speaks out in favor of social rebels who take up arms or practice self-defense, must be a government agent. His proof? The fact that the Stimulator hadn’t been arrested after advocating violence. Somehow, these people still haven’t caught on to the fact that democratic governments tolerate dissent, hoping that it will go away or play by the rules, and they generally attempt to separate those who speak and write in favor of struggle from those who take illegal actions in a struggle. Democratic governments pretend to only care about upholding the law in the hopes that people will only talk about resistance, like conspiracy theorists, bloggers, and 9-11 Truthers, instead of actually participating in it.