Genoa 2001

Posted on January 6, 2013


In July 2001, the 28th G8 summit took place in Genoa, Italy. 200,000 people protested, and the spectacle of the summit was disrupted by heavy rioting. Police militarized the city and attacked protesters indiscriminately, torturing many detainees. A Black Bloc of anarchists from across Europe damaged banks and corporate property, while many other protesters participated using other tactics, from peaceful marchers to the Tutte Bianchi. Anarchist Carlo Giuliani was killed by police who shot him in the head and then ran him over twice with their vehicle. Despite the fact that police violence preceded any rioting, and that many anarchist comrades, including Giuliani, chose to fight with police and attack banks and other elements of the G8 power structure, some leftists claimed the riots were started by police provocateurs. Groups such as Ya Basta and Tutte Bianchi were frustrated that their spectacular and nonviolent confrontations with police were overshadowed in the media by streetfighing, or did not go as choreographed given the aggressive police actions. For those who still think the police need a justification for their violence, it is interesting to note that none of the police who engaged in torture or fabrication of evidence were sent to prison, and the cop who murdered Carlo Giuliani was acquitted. Despite clear evidence of a direct shot to the face, and a photo taken just before Carlo’s death showing the cop aiming directly at his head (or the fact that the cops subsequently ran him over twice), a judge decided to concur with the absurd story that the cop shot in the air but the bullet ricocheted off a stone thrown by a protestor.