“Jo Tambe Estava al Parlament”

Posted on May 27, 2014


On March 29, 2014, many hundreds of people took the streets of Barcelona to protest in support of the people facing charges for the blockade of the Catalan Parliament in June 2011, currently facing trial at the infamous Audiencia Nacional in Madrid. During the protest, many people were masked and some attacked banks and other buildings.29Mrdisturbi2

A video posted on Youtube and circulated on many email lists and contrainformation websites insinuated that the damages were caused by police infiltrators.


As usual, the video is poor quality. It is impossible to see whether the masked protestors who supposedly are undercovers really make up a Black Bloc or if they are simply obvious undercovers with their faces covered, which is typical in Spain as a measure for the political police to protect their identity and avoid reprisals. The only ones who can be seen clearly look like the usual obvious undercovers, they are not dressed like typical protestors nor are they integrated within the protest. The video later shows some broken windows but does not show whether it was the suspicious masked protestors who caused the damages. The viewer is only left with insinuation and accusations without evidence.

29Mrdisturbi1At the time of the blockade in June 2011, some people also said that the conflicts were caused by cops, before 14 comrades with a long history in the social struggles in Barcelona were identified in footage and arrested. The slogan for the support campaign, spread in tens of thousands of posters and stickers and repeated by tens of thousands of people, is “I was also at Parliament, and I would do it again.” If so many people “would do it again,” are we or aren’t we in support of conflicts in the street? Is there really anyone left who wants to protect the banks from being smashed, besides cops and the bankers themselves? Evidently, only the pacifists, who do not make direct criticisms against the smashing, since no one would listen to them anymore, but can only fill the internet with unaccountable and false accusations.


29-M Jo tambe estava al parlament