Why Fight Back?

Links to different websites, videos, texts, and books that explain why people are fighting against capitalism and against the State, why it makes sense to riot or form a Black Bloc, why pacifism doesn’t work, and more.

Look At These Fucking Manarchists, a site dedicated to satirizing the idea that only privileged white men riot.

Can’t stop kaos, A 28 page half-sized zine on the history and development of the Black Bloc tactic in W. Europe and N. America and the Autonomist movements from which it arises.

Queer Ultraviolence, a book about Bash Back! and queer self-defense and revenge against capitalism and the patriarchy.

How Nonviolence Protects the State, pdf of a book that dismantles the myths of pacifism, shows how it has never actually succeeded in creating a revolutionary change in society, how nonviolence is patriarchal, how pacifists have manipulated the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi and are often working for state interests.

Why Wear a Mask? From “Blockade, Occupy, Strike: A Collection of Tactical Knowledge for Students and Others”

Black Bloc Papers

Ten Points on the Black Bloc, Harsha Walia defends the Black Bloc after the protests against the Vancouver Olympics.

500 Years of Indigenous Resistance, and Gord Hill’s illustrated book on the same subject.

Fighting For Our Lives, Expect Resistance, and Work, three widely distributed texts by Crimethinc about the struggle against capitalism, from a North American context.

We Are an Image from the Future, a collection of translations and interviews from the December 2008 insurrection and the Greek anarchist space.

The Coming Insurrection, an explanation of the social war from some French anticapitalists.

Rise Like Lions, an anarchist distro.

And thousands of more texts available from The Anarchist Library.

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